Treasure Hunting – Mapping Pipelines

As the quest for more accurate data and information grows across the world. The Philippines always out there taking advantage of opportunity and equipment, seeking out the best and latest technologies to move their systems forward into the 21st Century.

Elliott Enterprises are constantly seeking the best technologies for the application. Not quite as easy as it sounds. There are technologies and there are technologies. Products are developed and pushed on to the market not meeting expectations. It is the job of our technical management group to find the BEST product for the job and act responsibly in making a choice on behalf of a client.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Treasure Hunting

(GPR) has been on everyone’s lips for many years now. Academics, professionals and engineers alike are seeking a “gadget” to find buried treasure. Just where is the GOLD buried and how much and how deep?

Cost has always been the prohibiting factor. Where can we find the investor to speculate on the hunches: its there somewhere! Price, product quality and ease of operation have also been limiting in the past. Like all technologies there is a process of development, design, testing, redesign then when entrepreneurs see the potential we see production and competition sorting products into categories: from excellent to good to cheap and not so good.

GPR has now reached a point in development where we are confident we have the right product, both the treasure hunter and the engineer can choose a product to best suit their needs. Treasure hunters seek to find natural anomalies compared to a pipeline engineer seeking to identify material type, size and condition.

Locating Pipelines

Developing of a technology to perform a requirement. In the case of GPR locating pipes, cables, drainage systems under pavements was an expensive operation, excavation with machinery, then meticulous digging using shovels was an expensive, time-consuming process.

Radar Utility Mapper – a cost-effective GPR solution

GPR technology is not new, it was used during and after the second world war to find tunnels and unexploded ordinance. Especially, land mines causing horrific injures including loss of limbs and lives.

Moving on the technology has been miniaturized to suitcase size and modern electronics have made the operation simple. Advances in computing power, lighter batteries now supply a real time view of the radar image in real time.


Elliott Enterprises have a solution under progressive development to assist Water Districts to locate, record, map the distribution networks in the simplest and efficient method possible. Introducing GPR to the tool set will make the job easier. The aim is to define the most accurate elevation data possible for pumps, tanks, pipes, valves right down to meter level.

To date the distribution network detail are being surveyed using high accuracy GNSS equipment to capture field data to develop the best accurate data possible; adding to this general user knowledge. This has been an excellent starting point, however hydraulic analysis requires a higher accuracy of elevation data to improve the design; length and size of pipes, elevation (and depth) and condition play an important role in the optimization and management of potable water delivery to the meter.

Guessing is no longer an affordable option. Managing the limitations of existing network design is a constant challenge. As the cost of power increases (approx. 3% per annum) it is becoming more and more important to design more efficient networks or at least know where the limitations are to rectify and redesign where necessary.

Expansion and Population Growth

Extending the challenge of providing good quality potable water is the slow but constant growth in populations. More and more people are heading to the larger towns and cities away from rural areas. The extension and development of new subdivisions is adding demand to infrastructure. At what point should the sub-mains be replaced or duplicated, knowing the capacity of a network design makes budgeting for requirements is paramount to long and short term planning.

We, at Elliott Enterprises are striving to provide the best technologies to make these transitions safer, more cost-effective and efficient. An efficient water distribution system is easier to manage and maintain with greater efficiency. By optimizing the network, the cost of water at the household can reduced or as a minimum be maintained as the stress on income grows.