Top*GUN Robotics – Agricultural UAV

We are proud to announce the latest addition to our product range, Agricultural Drones for applying Herbicides and Pesticides precisely and efficiently across any crop type; including Rice, Pineapples, Fruit crops, Bananas.

Elliott Enterprises are the Distributor for TopxGun Robotics products across the Philippines. This product will play an important role in the automation and advancement of Agriculture at all levels….call Elliott Enterprises Sales today to learn more about this range of UAV Drones.

Top*Gun FP150

There are currently, three models in the product range: from a 15kg (liters) to 35kg (liters) payloads.

The UAV has two tanks in the kit: Spray Herbicide or Pesticides and Granular Fertilizer spreader. A changeover time of just three (3) minutes provides the highest efficiency. A quick squirt of water (IP67 certified) cleans any payload residue, ready for storage or the next field operation?

FP150 (see Product details)



Boasting the biggest and best payload technology at the lowest cost in the Market Place today!

Each unit is supplied with two batteries to perform a whole day of spraying…and charger included. Only 10 minutes to recharge a battery!

After 10 years in development and worldwide sales, the products are certified reliable, robust and designed tough for the agricultural environment

We are proud and excited to bring this new labor saving technology to the Philippines!