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Data Collection with Carlson SurvCE

Why not use the best and become a data collection professional using the internationally accepted standard for survey data collection from a Total Station and GPS.

Constantly being upgraded, SurvCE 4.0 includes six new and expanded Roading Routines: Template Grade Tables, Grade Staking, Multiple Centerline Routine, Dynamic Template Ditches, the display and staking of pipes in cross section, and Screen Selection of Sections from Polylines.

In addition, this new release features new stakeout commands for building extensions following alignments observed in the field and for building pad relocation by frontage and side-line offsets. The Advanced Occupation command allows for both resection and backsight averaging using least squares analysis on all types of backsight observation (angle only to towers, angle/distance to prisms, etc.).

Also new are the increased numbers of Instrument Drivers added for Total Stations.

By adding the Roading module to Carlson SurvCE or PC a seamless connection between the desktop road design and the field is achieved. From Carlson Civil RoadNet a file is produced to upload to to the controller. The design can then be pegged at any section the surveyor desires in real time accurately and efficiently. This functionality works equally powerful as an auditing tool.

Ask about Carlson SurvCE V.5 Roads Module – Stake Road & Slope Stake in Cut/Fill from Carlson Civil to the Field for interactive stakeout

Carlson SurvCE is the first choice in data collection software with advanced, yet easy-to-use functionality:

Carlson SurvCE Version 5.0 is available for data collectors and SurvPC for tablets and laptops from May 2017.

This new version includes many new additions and improvements with a focus on speed and performance. Some of the new features include:

  • “One Touch” points feature selection;
  • Graphical Stakeout Interface;
  • Easy-select target feature;
  • New GNSS antenna library;
  • Improved memory management
  • Edit Centerline
  • GPS-Search improvements for motorized Total Stations;
  • Extended Point-List
  • Add curves and spirals by fitting the existing PIs in the existing Edit Centerline function;
  • GNSS Mission Planning supported on all Windows Mobile and PC versions;
  • Support for Carlson office geoids in binary format;
  • Tilted pole measurement support on select devices allowing adjustment of the final position to account for tilt;
  • Powerful grid-scan feature;
  • GPS-Search for motorized total stations improved for a more accurate target matching and speed optimization;
  • Support for e-level on additional receivers, this including an auto-store by level new feature; and,
  • Support for KML export of lines
  • Support for Leica Disto  laser distance measuring device integrated with GPS position.


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