Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !

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Today’s Newsletter is my opportunity to showcase our NEW website!

During the 2020 COVID19 lockdown we have used our time productively and wisely to make our site more informative and easier to navigate, easier for our customer to see our extensive range of surveying, LiDAR, GPR and software.  

We have added NEW products to compliment our existing range to assist you to perform your engineering projects easier and more efficiently. Saving time and energy!

GNSS positioning now plays an important part in everything we do. Almost every gadget or technology we purchase today is in someway linked to GNSS positioning.

To make choices easier we have developed some NEW Solutions, these will assist you and your staff to change the way you approach the various facets of your projects.

Below we are showcasing our NEW products. We will continue to support and train users, as they embrace the new technologies.

Desmond Elliott, Technical Manager

We look forward to serving you better in 2021!

Nelia Elliott

Elliott Enterprises CEO/Sales Manager

New Products for 2021

As distributor for Radar Systems. Inc. GPR products in the Philippines, we offer GPR transponders and antenna  for all types and depths of imaging. From Pipelines and Cables to Treasure Hunting and Archeology.

We have a GPR for you to see them better!

As distributor for Yellowscan LiDAR products in the Philippines, we can now offer a LiDAR UAV combination to provide a comprehensive and accurate imaging system. Photogrammetry is limited in the jungle type terrain encountered along highways and provincial roads.

We have the LiDAR for you to create point-clouds of over 400 points per square meter!