Water District Cooperation

September 2019, Elliott Enterprises, the Septentrio distributor in the Philippines presented at the Septentrio GNSS products at the 4th PAWD National Conference.

Dr. Ryan Keenan explained how recording accurate height and position were fundamental first step in hydraulic designs to create more efficient water systems and accurate GIS data.

Dr Ryan Keenan, GNSS Applications Consultant

Several Water Districts contacted Nelia Elliott, Proprietress of Elliott Enterprises inviting her to present the Water District solution using the Septentrio range of products plus software to incorporate positioning technology to their operations.

Water District managers discussed their interest in optimizing the distribution networks and how this might be achieved.

Cooperatives of Water Districts approached the team from Elliott Enterprises, seeking a solution for their entire area (rather than individual Water Districts working alone).

A major cost saving was soon identified. What if the larger Water District purchase the GNSS Base receivers and the smaller connect a RTK GNSS receiver and using the base correction from static (permanent) base receivers mounted on larger Water District offices throughout the area?

Would this reduce the overall cost of developing a better more cost-effective approach? This novel idea allows larger and smaller Water Districts to work together, everyone reaping the benefits relative to their size and wealth.

Nelia says, This is what caring and sharing is all about. Working smarter to reduce costs while improving the efficiency of the individual Water District, while delivering reliable supply and pressure to the home at a reduced cost.

Nelia Elliott, CEO of Elliott Enterprises stated, “It is a pleasure to be part of a project like this, this is what we have been working to achieve; our “we Support and we Care” philosophy, it is great to see our hard work making a positive difference in society”.

Several cooperatives are now forming from north Luzon (around Tuguegarao) to a local group centered in Koronadal, South Catabato. Interest is developing across the nation. Forming slowly but surely and not only equipment sharing but knowledge and information sharing is quietly but positively optimizing Water Districts everywhere.

Associates of Elliott Enterprises are developing an automation software system to take the field collection of network information and converting the data to a EPANET model and GIS format. This one-step process will make the process of collating a network design from the meter to the water source a single, simple process requiring minimal training for a single process. No longer requiring specialists and geodetic surveyors. Bypassing the need for AutoCAD specialists to draft pipe networks. This means more time to design pump stations, storage devices infrastructure etc.

Google Earth will also play an important role. Field GIS and position data will export directly to Google Earth allowing engineers to present existing designs, concepts and progress results in a form easily presented for reporting using simple but complete maps. This process was previously a difficult but sought after requirement.

The central component in the process will be the EPANET tool inside QGIS, aptly named QEPANET; engineers can run simulations, test hydraulic loads and make the necessary changes to optimize both energy and water supply while maintaining flow and pressure at the faucet within QGIS. As the demand for quality drinking water increases with population growth; the role of Water Districts will continue to be demanding on all levels.

Working with our associates in Australia, Elliott Enterprises will expand services to include access to professional hydraulic design engineers to assist in bringing about the change needed to modernize water distribution systems. Reducing cost by utilizing state-of-the-art digital management methods. By taking the Open Source approach we are extending the intent of the international community of software developers whose goal is to advance their ability; while benefiting mankind to the maximum.