iCORS…..taking CORS to remote locations

iCORS (Independent Continuously Operating Reference Station)

Portable iCORS Tier 3 – enclosure, security and monument

The iCORS was developed to provide a CORS solution for the harsh environment on remote islands.The ICORS was developed to add additional CORS to major highway developments incorporating machine control demanding faster additional data for higher accuracy positioning and height control. This could also apply for adding stations in mountainous areas beyond the scope of the CORS network where there are large variations in altitude. The iCORS can be assembled and disassembled in a few hours.

Providing high accuracy RTK correction whereever they are required within the project site.

Call Elliott Enterprises, Technical Division to discuss requirements, Lease and Rental iCORS are available.

Designed and engineered in 3D design software. The emphasis from inception was on simplicity, reliability, stability, independence and security.

Using a specially designed and insulated 6’ shipping container as a platform and engaging efficient manufacturing techniques cost is kept to a minimum and a strong, stable monument the result.

By adding some subtle yet innovative design and engineering techniques a complete kit is provided packaged, and delivered to site with every component securely sealed against loss in transit. 

Final assembly requiring only a small crane and two able bodied men with basic tradesman tools to assemble the CORS.

Additional Security fence would be built on site from suitable materials to prevent tampering and intrusion.

The iCORS is powered by Grid and/or Solar Panels, charging the Lithium Ion battery for up to seven days energy requirements without sunshine. Where grid power is not available redundant Solar power is recommended.

Septentrio PolaRx5

Primary communications using GSM/GPRS and the addition of a Septentrio PolaRx5 receiver completes the system. Utilising integrated computing and WiFi communications technology the iCORS provides a plug and play solution for CORS in the remotest location.
Security Cameras and PIR sensors incorporated in the telemetry provide surveilance alerts and visual display when intruders or animals approach the site.

In the absence of cell communications, satellite and WiFi solutions are available. 

For extreme installations in the harshest environments the container can be insulated and a refrigerated enclosure added to ensure electronics are protected.

Designed and developed in Australia by Checkpoint