Introducing Latest Technology to Water Districts across the Philippines

Expanding new GNSS technology opportunities…..

On behalf of Elliott Enterprises, the Septentrio distributor in the Philippines, Dr. Ryan Keenan,  presented at the Septentrio GNSS products at a technical forum at the 4th PAWD National Conference. He explained how recording accurate height and position to design and manage hydraulic designs to create more efficient water systems.

Dr Keenan presented the Septentrio range of products, discussing how RTK GNSS positioning is opening new opportunities for Water Districts to improve system hydraulics and energy management and track and manage maintenance crews and to identify issues. As we develop better more intelligent systems using the IOT (Internet of Things) more and more equipment will make our lives and business easier and allow us to work more efficiently.

There were many GIS software platforms represented at the conference, by using high accuracy GNSS receivers we collect high accuracy position data, this adds real value to the GIS (geographical information systems) products. Ryan discussed how as the collective of different technologies develops, we must work together to compliment the products available today to get maximum benefits on investment. As technology develops, the future will make working Smarter rather than Harder a reality.

Several Water Districts made contact with Nelia Elliott, Proprietress of Elliott Enterprises inviting her to present the Septentrio range of products and the software to incorporate positioning technology to their Water Districts.

Dr Ryan Keenan, Business Development Manager – Asia Oceania, Septentio, Nelia Elliott, Proprietress, Elliott Enterprises, Desmond Elliott, Technical Manager, Elliott Enterprises at the 4th PAWD National Conference, Mall of Asia, 11th of February, 2019.

A new cooperative approached by a group of Water Districts approached the team from Elliott Enterprises, seeking a solution for their entire area (rather than individual Water Districts working alone). This would mean each Water District owning a RTK GNSS receiver and using the base correction from static (permanent) base receivers mounted on Water District offices throughout the area; reducing the overall cost of developing a better more cost effective approach. This novel idea allows larger and smaller Water Districts to work together, everyone reaping the benefits relative to their size and wealth.

This is what caring and sharing is all about. Working smarter to reduce costs while improving the efficiency of the individual Water District, while delivering reliable supply and pressure to the home at a reduced cost.

Nelia quoted, “It is a pleasure to be part of a project like this, this is what we have been working t achieve; our “we Support and we Care” philosophy, it is great to see the our hard work making a positive difference in society”.