A Growing Business

It’s September 2018, keeping in step with the demand and growth of our business, employment and training of NEW team players is very important!

As the College Graduate pool grows and knowledge and entrepreneurship grows across the Philippines, we are selecting the best team players from top universities and industry allowing us to provide you with the best service possible.

At ELLIOTT ENTERPRISES Integrity is at the core of our business model…

“we Support and we Care”

To achieve this, our goal in serving our “business family” is to employ and adequately train our marketing team….our marketing team are our window to the world!

New Marketing Team receiving training for Septentrio GNSS RTK Surveying equipment 

From Left: Ejunan Orbenza (Marketing), “GR” Cordero (Marketing), Desmond Elliott (Training & Technical Support),, Ruth De Asis (Marketing)).

The Septentrio Altus APS3G RTK kit is amazing equipment. When designed by Septentrio engineers, they sought to filter out interference; guaranteeing GNSS survey efficiency and accuracy at every level.

By adding a spectrum analyzer on a chip to the GNSS board, the receivers filter out interference as they detect, automatically. All oblivious to the user. This plus Patented Firmware is important and unique producing Septentrio receivers; better than any other RTK product by a mile.

The RTK kit is as easy as a mobile phone to use and very simple to set up and configure. A trained Surveyor arrives, selects the Base location, sets up and configures the Base and Rover; ready to start  surveying in under 10 minutes.

Just a few simple steps!

RTK Receiver setup is performed from the Juniper Allegro2 Controller.

  • Clicking F1 starts Carlson SurvCE surveying software.
  • Selecting Job allows the user to enter a Job Name and set the surveying parameters
  • Screw the UHF antenna on to the receivers first, then add the batteries.
  • Press the Start button on both receivers.
  • The RED LED indicates the power-up was successful!
  • The GREEN LED flashes indicating access to the GNSS satellites was achieved.
  • From the Equipment tab, select Base
  • Look for the BLUE LED as the Controller Bluetooth connects to the Base
  • Measure and update the height of the Base antenna above the survey mark
  • GREEN tick starts the Base
  • Next select Rover
  • Look for the BLUE LED as the controller connects to the Rover
  • GREEN tick starts the Rover
  • Check the indicator lights…Solid YELLOW LED on Base indicates transmitting correction, flashing YELLOW LED on Rover indicates receiving correction
  • The  RTK Rover is ready to start collecting survey points.

It’s that easy!

When you need speed, accuracy and efficiency, Septentrio GNSS receivers deliver the result.

RTK AccuracyX,Y 6mm + 0.5 PPM8mm Height (Z) + 1.0 PPM

As we expand our business across Mindanao and push northward our marketing team are ready to serve you NOW and into the FUTURE.

Become a member of the Elliott Enterprises Business Family today, arrange a demonstration/presentation guaranteeing the highest accuracy surveys with NO DELAYS…faster, efficient surveying has never been easier!

Call Nelia (Globe) 0917 557 9671 or email elliottnelia165@gmail.com to arrange a meeting with one of our Marketing Team TODAY!