Carlson iCAD 2017 answers need for low-cost CAD drafting

MAYSVILLE, Ky., U.S.A. (September 19, 2017)­— Carlson Software’s newest addition to its desktop software product line, Carlson iCAD 2017, has just been released. This specialized, yet low-cost IntelliCAD drafting package allows CAD technicians to augment the finishing touches in their organization’s deliverables.Low cost CAD with Carlson iCAD 2017

Carlson iCAD 2017 is a .dwg-file-based CAD program built with IntelliCAD® 8.3 from the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium (ITC). In addition to the full-featured CAD functions of IntelliCAD, Carlson iCAD includes many handy drafting and annotation commands from Carlson Software such as Polyline Utilities and Auto Annotate.

“Customers have been asking for an affordable CAD package to add as an additional software seat to their production operations,” says Carlson Director of Sales Scott Griffin. “Carlson iCAD 2017 allows drafters to finish drawings and engineers to review drawings in both 2D and 3D.”

Dave Carlson, executive vice president of Carlson Product Development, explains, “We’ve externalized many of the ‘core’ drafting and annotation features found in the Carlson desktop CAD products and intermingled them with standard IntelliCAD routines to create a unique blend of technology tools.”

During the 10 years that they have been a member of the ITC, Carlson Software has worked closely with the ITC to develop the Carlson office software programs to run with IntelliCAD. Carlson office software programs, which include  Survey, Civil, Hydrology, Mining, GIS, Point Cloud, Field, Natural Regrade, Construction, GeoTech, CADnet and Trench, have come with IntelliCAD built-in since 2008, with the release of Carlson 2009 products.

Now with the release of Carlson iCAD 2017, customers can use IntelliCAD independently. Carlson iCAD is sold as a perpetual license, meaning there is no mandatory subscription fee to use the software after the initial purchase. Owners can choose to upgrade with new releases or continue to use their existing version of iCAD.

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Founded in 1983, Carlson Software Inc. specializes in CAD design software, field data collection, and machine control products for the civil engineering, surveying, GIS, construction and mining industries worldwide, providing one-source technology solutions for the entire project cycle. Carlson Software is headquartered in Maysville, Ky., U.S.A., with branch offices in Boston, The Netherlands, and York, England.