Expanding opportunities and productivity

After successful implementation of the Septentrio Altus RTK system in July 2016, South Catabato Province have installed a second RTK kit expanding survey teams and making road design a major focus.

Now achieving up to 1.5 kilometers of road survey a day each, the survey teams are pushing the civil design team to the limit.

Squinting through the Total Station eye piece is a memory of yesteryear. Productivity and accuracy are now the catch phrase from surveyors everywhere.

The Governor,  has commented on the value of the investment and performances achieved. She said, “We can now achieve the outcomes we were seeking. Selecting Septentrio RTK technology was the right decision”.

Advanced training plus the Altus RTK GNSS kit is so fast and simple to set up, ease of use makes the survey process almost seamless from the field to the desktop design.

The Altus RTK GNSS kit is bundled with Carlson Civil Suite. Provinces are not buying a survey instrument any more; they purchase a Civil Survey and Design System complete with training and support. Real value for money!

Priced in between the major named brands and lower end Asian equipment, the Septentrio/Carlson solution is near unbeatable value for money. When making major investment in technologies longevity and future proofing are very important. With free life of product suopport and free firmware upgrades through 2025 is important. This equates to a saving of around 50% of cost against competitive brands and product

Gone are the days of waiting for RTK solutions (waiting for a FIX). The additional features provided with Septentrio patented firmware reduces waiting time – it’s now survey time – all the time.

Altus RTK GNSS boards have filtering built in to filter out multipath, erroneous signals, jammers etc. at signal acquisition level.. Ionospheric scintillation filtering adds hours to the day with greater accuracy; especially advantageous in the tropics and near the equator.

APME+ Multipath mitigation technology
WIMU interference mitigation unit including mitigation of chirp jammers and AIM+ technology
ION+ Advanced ionospheric scintillation mitigation
Track+ for robust tracking under weak signal conditions
RTK+ multi-system cm-accurate positioning engine
GLO+ special ultra-precise GLONASS bias calibration

This all adds up to FASTER, more ACCURATE FIXED positions and less FLOAT….. faster surveying means greater productivity….more roads for the people of South Catabato Provice.

These technologies provide unmatched performance and precision…out performing the major named brands.

With local support and training available from General Santos plus the three (3) year Warranty period; Provinces and Surveyors alike are seeking Septentrio RTK systems and changing to Carlson Civil software at the design desktop the future for development is all positive.

Why not make Septentrio Altus survey gear from ELLIOTT ENTERPRISES your choice for RTK GNSS. Ask about the package deals including Carlson Civil Suite to advance your survey and road building projects beyond imagination.