The Technology

 All GNSS equipment collects data points?

Yes! BUT there is a lot more to Road Design than collecting data points. Choosing the correct software makes surveying fast, accurate and transparent throughout the road design process….

The capacity to transfer data transparently from the Field Data Collector to the Desktop Design software then back to the Field for updates or to the Contractor to stake the Road design are all equally important….the process requires ONE SEAMLESS SOLUTION!


Neglecting the value of a good software solution, there is an element of risk and failure….during each conversion the data loses “intelligence”; this cannot be replaced!


A design process linking a point data file and design file guarantees continuity from CONCEPT to CONCRETE!

Transferring the road design from the Desktop Design to the Field Data Collector to the Field is where the REAL POWER of Carlson software resides. 
Uploading the Road design file from Carlson Civil “RoadNet” to Carlson SurvCE with the Roading module allows the design to be pegged at any section in real time to 5mm accuracy…experience this; it changes the dynamics of engineering forever.

Mistakes in measurement or interpretation of plans is ELIMINATED!