The Drawing

Can we still provide hard copies of the design?


Yes! Hard Copy drawings are the center of the ESOLUTION, engineers will always demand a set of high quality drawings; drawn to national standards representing the road design…..

…….utilizing Carlson Civil there are many more presentation options available; allowing engineers to check for compliance and errors using “layered” PDF files as an example, plus videos, 3D imagery and displaying the design on Google Earth.

Inspect the design, turning layers on and off without CAD design software; on any PC or Smartphone.

Share the design with PEERS without the need for printing; a dynamic solution reducing checking and processing time!

Virtual Reality tells the story better than any map or drawing; generate videos; taking engineers and decision makers on a trip down the road at design speed before it is built –  A rewarding engineering experience!


Let’s consider these challenges and prepare for change in preparation of far more advanced technologies soon to bless our shores. Carlson Civil produces the files for “GNSS controlled earth moving and concrete laying machines”, replicating a Road design directly to the earth’s surface….

Remember: Every journey begins with a single step….take the first one now; speak to Nelia to discuss an ESOLUTION today!

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