The Design

Let’s take a journey through the design process


Utilizing Carlson Civil in the Design Office and Carlson SurvCE with Roading in the Field; the Survey and Design process is one continuous, transparent, modern, end-to-end process.
E2 SOLUTION – Wheel of Design Process
Developed over 35 years in the USCarlson software is the most advanced and widely used Road Design software. 

Carlson Civil includes Intellicad  – the software is sold by LICENCE, NOT a Subscription.

Carlson Software is sold and supported in over 70 countries.
This software is at the CORE of an ESOLUTION. When Septentrio GNSS RTK hardware is coupled with Carlson Civil the engineering process is a smooth process – all from one menu bar.


ESOLUTION provides the tools to transfer the Road design from the Design office to the Construction site  completing the design cycle; this eliminates any risk of error – another successful design set in CONCRETE!

…the CONCRETE SOLUTION for Provincial Roads and DPWH Highways!

 Auditing the completed road is a simple process; this is achieved using Carlson SurvCE with Roading. 

Auditing  a project for Integrity ensures our community enjoys safer, smoother roads!