HOWTO Connect a Septentrio NR3 Rover to Network CORS

*To configure the Altus NR3 the following document provides the information to connect to a CORS network or static base via GSM, WIfi and Peer-to-Peer GSM using Carlson SurvPC.

NOTE: The PROCESS and PROCEDURE detailed below is similar for most GNSS receivers. If you have difficulties configuring other brands refer to the manufacturers handbook

This document refers to the Septentrio Altus NR3 receiver will be configured as a Rover and connect via GSM (SIM) to the static base or CORS network.


  • Open Carlson SurvPC located on the controller (field tablet) screen
  • The first screen on opening Carlson SurvPC. A floating window where you choose between “Continue Last Job” and “Select New/Existing Job”.
  • First time, start from the very beginning by choosing “Select New/Existing Job”.
  • From Carlson SurvPC configure for local requirements. Under the “System” Tab select the configuration as per the image below.
  • Before a survey, select a Local Projection to requirements. Select a projection by pressing the arrow button on the right side of the text box. A list projection/s are displayed.
  • To select more projections by pressing the “Edit Projection List” button.
  • Find more Projections by clicking “Add Predefined”.
  • Carlson SurvPC displays all the available Projections. For more options select “Add Predefined(Make sure the projection required for the project is selected.)
  • After configuring Projection, Click the Green [TICK] Button to continue.
  • Where point data is to be displayed in a GIS or Google Earth choose WGS84.
  • Select the Equip tab to connect to the Altus NR3. Click the “GPS Rover” button.
  • Under the “Current” Tab, select the same Manufacturer and Model of equipment in use. Select Septentrio Altus NR3.
  • The “Comms” Tab connects the Altus NR3 and the Controller via Bluetooth. Choose “Bluetooth” as Type and “Windows Mobile” as BT Type. The Device will depend on the Altus NR3 Bluetooth Name (You can find the Altus NR3 Bluetooth name under the device)

If the Altus NR3 Bluetooth name does not appear in the list, search by clicking “Find Device”.

  • When the Receiver Bluetooth name appears, select and click the Connect button.
  • Next select the “Receiver” Tab to set the Antenna Height (measure from tip of pole to base of the receiver) then select “Advanced” for choice of available Constellations. When using the Altus NR3 as a Rover, select “Vert” and when configuring a receiver as Base use “Slant”. Click the “Advanced” button to configure the Constellations.
  • Check the “Save Config” to save your Configurations. Click the “Configuration Constellations” to see constellations available.
  • Check All the Constellations to enable them. Then click the Green [TICK] button.
  • Select he “RTK” Tab. Select “Internal GSM” under Device and “NTRIP” as Network. Configure the GSM Settings and NTRIP by clicking the Settings button.
  • Insert “” as APN Server. Leave the other text boxes empty. This is the default APN Server of Globe Telecom. After this click the check button. (NOTE: Insert “internet” or “smartlte”. These are the default APN Servers of Smart Mobile)
  • Configure NTRIP. Click the Settings button beside the NTRIP Box.
  • The settings for NTRIP will depend on the settings from the static base receiver or CORS network (check with correction service provider for details). Complete the settings exactly as set in the base, then click the check button.
  • When settings are correct, this screen will appear showing the information from the base. Click the check button to continue.
  • Select the “Survey” Tab. If a connection is successful with the NTRIP service, start surveying by selecting the “Store Points”.
  • Observe the Store Points screen. See the next image for a more detailed information about the screen. If the connection NTRIP was successful the Text below Store Points will display “Float” or “Fix“. If “Autonomous” or “DGPS”, select the “Binoculars” icon and check Reference tab. This will populate with reference station position etc. if the NTRIP correction is available. If “Autonomous“, check settings again!

When the Store Points screen displays as per the above screen the connection was successful.

Happy Surveying!



Check the SIM card, remove and make sure it is in the correct way up and properly inserted. If no communications are achieved. Make sure the SIM card has load.

Check the Name of the SIM supplier, Check APN settings match the provider.


If the GSM is failing to negotiate with the Correction provider, Check the settings. If you must make corrections or modify settings under the NTRIP connection it is advisable to to DELETE the user and configure again. The connection to an NTRIP is a precise configuration, all settings including User Name, Password must be correct.

NOTE: If the connection fails after exhausting all setting configurations, call the NTRIP provider and check the settings with them. Ask for an SMS of the settings as spelling errors can prevent a connection including unnecessary characters.


  • When the receiver configuration is complete, the success and strength of GSM signal are briefly displayed. When this occurs and a the Store Pont screen displays a Float or Fix this is normally not connectivity related.
  • If the speaker volume is set to audible SurvPC will tell the operator of the receiver condition and if the point can be stored, this is also indicates the receiver antenna cannot view the satellites (obscured). For example working too close to a building where the antenna is blocked satellites, under a steel roof or a bridge. GNSS receivers can only operate where visibility to at least 8-10 satellites can be achieved.
  • If the receiver displays “DGPS” or “Autonomous” this indicates a communication error. Either the survey position is out of sight of GSM signal, or working in an area exceeding the coverage by the service provider.
  • It is rare that the NTRIP correction provider to stop the correction as CORS are all protected by UPS. However, if the provider subscription for correction has been exceeded this can cause an outage.

To connect to a NTRIP service you must have a current USERNAME and PASSWORD.