Buying Surveying equipment?……. we sell ROAD SOLUTIONS!

A  Journey  from CONCEPT to CONCRETE!


Surveying and laying out a Highway or Road design to the highest accuracy with efficiency; Septentrio have you covered!

Patented Septentrio firmware eliminates multipath, Ionospheric scintillation and signal interference at no extra cost.

The Septentrio NR3 receivers provide the highest accuracy available: 6mm – X,Y and 8mm height


A High accuracy CORS base provides the best correction solution available

Our ESOLUTION drives SUPERIOR  road designs – reliable equipment, faster surveys and better designs to higher accuracy;  preparing engineers for tomorrow, TODAY

Ground Penetrating Radar provides a view of infrastructure below the ground

As surveying enters the realm of replacement and reconstruction it is important to consider the existing infrastructure. Pipelines, drainage, communications and other services placed along the perimeter and  highway and road intersections.

Consideration of these objects is important for a comprehensive design for construction and budgeting. Ground Penetrating Radar is an efficient technology for this attribution.

Radar Systems Zond-12e Utility Mapper


GPR Imaging provides the detail of the underworld


LiDAR introduces new topographical modelling opportunities; increasing efficiency in the demanding environments across the Philippines.

Photogrammetry provides and excellent 2D image of the landscape, using advanced imaging software #D data can be extracted.

The next step is LiDAR, incorporating Video imaging provides the best survey  from the sky. Producing point clouds from all angles ensures a very high level of detail; even in jungle conditions

Using UAV & LiDAR, engineers cover a Road corridor faster and more accurately; taking surveying to a new level! 

LiDAR’s technology has proven its efficiency in providing precise aerial surveying. With laser sensors that can be mounted on UAVs , we can now generate accurate 3D mapping data.

Of course, the best and most important information and education we can have is the experience  of others. The next video is a case study using surveying technologies to complete the survey for a 46 kilometer survey in Europe. We can learn a lot from this and select the best tools for the project.

The technical applications are diverse and steadily increasing. Use cases for fields such as environmental, forestry, mining, civil engineering and corridor mapping are diverse; we are only scratching the surface of what these solutions can do.


Better road designs DO NOT JUST HAPPEN, they require a combination of the best hardware and software for the project!

NOTE: 70% of the Roads and Highways across the USA were designed using Carlson Civil

Carlson Civil Suite provides the Desktop software to take a concept through to Design, Construction and Auditing

Carlson provides a complete solution in one package

…… every project from CONCEPT to CONCRETE

Another Highway completed on time …WELL DONE!