An overview of Septentrio Patented Firmware

The firmware is the software running on the satellite signal receiver board.  This software includes advanced algorithms to compute an accurate RTK (real time kinematic) position, plus patented signal interference mitigation algorithms adding speed and accuracy to the receiver. Ionospheric filtering greatly improves the speed and availability of a position near the Equator.

This firmware working at “signal chip level” ensures Septentrio and Altus receivers are superior to all other receivers on the market

Septentrio firmware technologies are unique to Altus/Septentrio receivers and included in every receiver at no extra cost.

Septentrio’s GNSS+ Patented Technologies:

NOTE: Septentrio GNSS receiver boards include a SPECTRUM ANALYZER on a CHIP providing analysis and filtering normally only possible in a laboratory.

1. APME+ Multipath mitigation technology – signals reflected by trees and leaves, metal roof and vehicle surfaces and buildings are filtered to eliminate these effects. This allows Septentrio receivers to work in the most difficult environments – urban or vegetation jungles are no longer a limitation.

2. WIMU interference mitigation unit – including mitigation of chirp jammers eliminate the need to avoid these issues, they are automatically detected and filtered

3. AIM+ technology – Iridium satellite communications signals, commercial GPS/GNSS signal jammers, UHF signal saturation; repairing these signals suffering from interference opposed to eliminating effected signals. Other manufacturers eliminate the signal completely. This can be the best satellite in view, reducing potential or speed of position acquisition.

4. ION+ Advanced Ionospheric scintillation mitigation – charged particle disturbances impact both tracking (signal measurement availability) and positioning accuracy:Scintillation :

  • quick variation of signal amplitude and phase
  • Causes loss of lock and cycle slips
  • Can last for minutes or hours
  • Affects all signals from (subset of) satellites acquisition near the Equator.

5. Track+ for robust tracking under weak signal conditions – multiplies the weaker signal strength. This technology eliminates waiting for satellite constellation change for the best position – weaker signals are normally ineffective. Track+ amplifies these weak signals.

6. RTK+ multi-system cm-accurate positioning engine – faster and higher accuracy position calculations. Septentrio provide the most advanced RTK engine available from any manufacturer.

7. Lock+ Superior Tracking Robustness –  for machine control receiver stability
  • Strong vibrations can severely impact tracking continuity, which is lethal for precision RTK, PPK, PPP and heading, eg : grade control, UAV positioning
  • Special algorithms implemented to maintain lock even during heavy vibrations

ACCURACY – X,Y: 6mm + 0.5 ppm precision and Z (Height): 8mm + 1.0 ppm

8. GLO+ special ultra-precise GLONASS bias calibration – algorithm improves the accuracy of GLONASS satellite signals beyond that of timing signals. Septentrio make every signal opportunity part of a better, faster high accuracy solutions.

MOST IMPORTANT – Firmware Updates and NEW Firmware technologies developed by Septentrio are provided free of charge for the life of each receiver.