At Elliott Enterprises; we deliver only the BEST GNSS receiver technology……..

Everyone buying a GNSS product should first understand the requirements of their application and the accuracy, robustness and resilience required to perform the tasks.

“You get what you pay for!” … cheap only when accuracy and robustness do not matter!

Receiving and processing GNSS positions is a technical process requiring receiver robustness, accuracy and the capacity to work effectively and efficiently in the hostile Philippine environment.

Septentrio have the best GNSS receiver technology available today. Why is this so!

Septentrio is a commercial receiver and application design company, working closely with the European Space Agency and IMEC. Initially, Septentrio designed and developed a receiver to provide a “Galileo signal testing receiver” for the ESA constellation. With IMEC in the same technology park as ESA and Septentrio board and chip design, manufacturing and testing compliment the development and engineering required to produce a world class receiver.

Between the three companies many mathematicians and engineers are involved in these processes; developing and improving algorithms to produce improved solutions for: Surveying, GIS, Robotics, UAV’s and Autonomous Vehicles.

As a Septentrio Distributor, Elliott Enterprises is linked to Septentrio GNSS engineers. We receive our knowledge, information and support “from the factory”. We monitor the outcomes from the Users experiences and relay them to the engineers; completing our role in the process.

Exposing the Myths:

A. The more CHANNELS a GNSS receiver has, the better the accuracy of the receiver.

WRONG! Mythology at it’s best…..

GNSS receivers require 260 channels to receive and process all the satellites in view from the four constellations at any time. Some manufacturers use extra channels to perform filtering on duplicate instances of satellite messages. The receiver channels play a benign role in the process of a solution.

Septentrio receivers DO NOT need “hundreds and hundreds” of channels to produce the most robust, resilient, accurate positions!

Engineers keep the number of channels to a minimum; this is advantageous to minimize energy consumption!

B. The best receiver quality and accuracy is reliant on hardware and board design.

Board design plays an important role, providing reliability and robustness; but not exclusive to accuracy.

As the product name suggests a receiver! Receiving the satellite data every second is only the start of the process. Computing an accurate, robust position is reliant on the Patented Firmware within the receiver board. Filtering the errors effecting a solution. Not only making the Septentrio receiver superior but adds longevity to the receiver; as better algorithms are developed, the firmware is upgraded and provided free to the User.

Experience and practice shows Septentrio Firmware and GNSS board design are the best combination for a robust, accurate receiver; producing the best solution for all applications.

C. GNSS receivers are all similar, price is the determinate in purchasing a receiver.

WRONG! When buying high value equipment it is most important to test the equipment in your own field environment. Under the bidding process to reverse a purchase on a technicality is difficult, unless the product fails dismally; it is difficult to reverse a purchase to seek better technology.

At Elliott Enterprises we experience statements of dissatisfaction of cheaper brands almost weekly….replacing the receiver with quality receiver is a difficult process for a government department.

We urge you to ask for receiver demonstrations while evaluating Data Sheets. The specifications on a Data Sheet are results of laboratory testing; not normally repeatable under field conditions…(compare the data sheets from the various manufacturers and observe they are almost identical). Whether this is a result of “plagiarism” or no laboratory testing results to offer; only a comparative demonstration in your “environment” will provide the answers.

Contact Elliott Enterprises today to arrange a Demonstration before making a purchase!