The AsteRx SB is an IP68 compliant, multi-constellation, multi-frequency GNSS receiver ideal
for rapid integration into machine control or sensor fusion applications. It offers an extensive range
of cable and wireless connections for maximum flexibility.


Quad-constellation, multi-frequency all-in-view RTK receiver
Robust and compact IP68 weatherproof housing
AIM+ interference monitoring and mitigation system
Base and rover operation
Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet, Serial and USB communications

Septentrio AsteRx-SB static base receiver with Septentrio VeraPhase 6000 antenna


Small footprint, high performance
The AsteRx SB offers high-update rate, low-latency scalable positioning accuracy in a light and compact ruggedized housing.

GNSS+ technology

AIM+ can suppress the widest variety of interferers, from simple continuous narrowband signals to the most complex wideband and pulsed jammers. APME+ multipath estimator, unique in its ability to tackle short-delay multipath, enhances measurement quality while LOCK+ guarantees robust tracking of rapid signal dynamics during heavy machine vibrations.
Base or rover, real-time or offline RTK precision
The AsteRx SB offers full flexibility of operation. It can operate in RTK rover or base station mode and, with 16 GB on-board memory, it can log data for monitoring or for offline post
processed PPK.


The AsteRx SB comes with fully-documented interfaces, commands and data messages. The included RxTools software allows receiver configuration and monitoring as well as data logging and analysis. An SDK is provided to help integrators create professional custom applications. The AsteRx SB comes in two forms: the PRO Connect variant with multiple hardware cable connections and the Wireless variant.

Any device, any platform

Use any device with a web browser to operate the AsteRx-SB without any special configuration software via the Web UI accessible over WiFi network or USB connection