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Ground Penetrating Radar Utility Mapper

Zonde 500 is a single-unit GPR, specially designed for real-time underground infrastructure mapping and tracking. Fully portable, easy operation, Wifi enabled providing a fast, accurate, high quality in real-time onsite using Prism software.


  • Zond x500 GPR is a Real Time Sampling system with very high sampling frequency (200 MHz)
  • Extensive time range (5-10000 ns per tace and 18 ps step)
  • configurable trace rate (up to 2500 traces per second)
  • Vary samples per trace (from 256 to 8196), high hardware stacking (up to 65536 stacks)
  • Extended repetition frequency (from 50 to 310 KHz)
  • Data transfer via Wifi or Internet
  • Low power consumption (12 hours operation per charge)
  • Shockproof cart
  • GNSS receiver mount
Real-Time imaging with RadarMap