Phoenix LiDAR leverages the latest laser mapping technology to enable users to gather precise, survey-grade data using systems mounted on aircraft, drones, vehicles, vessels and even backpacks; while our software enables data review in real-time with live 3D colour point clouds. Use Phoenix LiDAR solutions to capture topography, inspect utility installations and construction sites, map disaster areas, conduct research for urban development and more.

» Compact and lightweight
» Visual Range: 360° field of view
» Flexible Mounting: Mount on a drone, vehicle, or even backpack
» Multi-Target Capacity—up to 2 target echoes per laser shot
» Fast and accurate measurement 300k shots/s, up to
600k points/s


Phoenix LiDAR products are suited to:

  1. UAV or Fixed Wing Aircraft
  2. Roof Mounted on Automobiles
  3. Backpack Mounting

Phoenix LiDAR SCOUT mounted on a DJI Matrice 600 Pro UAV in action

Flight Planning video explaining the LiDAR data collection process