HOWTO connect a Leica Disto D8 Laser to Carlson SurvCE

NOTE: The supply/availability of the Leica Disto D8 is very limited as the product has been discontinued. The Disto D8 was the last model with Bluetooth 2 capability providing connectivity with a Windows CE device. Unfortunately, all later Leica Disto models have Bluetooth 4 only connectivity. They are no longer compatible for connection or use with Carlson SurvCE on a Windows CE device (controller). However, some tablet PC’s running Windows 10 maybe compatible for connection to Carlson SurvPC. Check for Bluetooth 4 compatibility of the Tablet PC before purchasing a later model Leica Disto.

For those fortunate enough to have a Leica Disto D8 the following HOWTO will connect the  Disto Laser to Carlson SurvCE for distance measuring associated with GPS RTK surveying.


Start the Leica Disto D8 by pressing the RED button

Select the Bluetooth button.

The Bluetooth symbol (light grey) will appear on the lower left corner of the screen.

The Leica Disto D8 is now ready to communicate with a Windows CE controller using Carlson SurvCE.

NOTE: No further activities are required on the Laser except aiming the Laser at the point to be measured.


From the Carlson SurvCE Equipment tab, setup the GPS Base and GPS Rover equipment ready for RTK survey.

From the Equipment menu

Select Peripherals

Select Laser tab


Check the Active box

Select Disto D3/D8 (not Leica Disto) from the drop down of available Lasers

Check  Auto GPS Update

Check Auto Laser Read

Measure the distance from the bottom of the Rover pole to the aluminum extension base.

Enter the distance as the Laser Height

Enter the Target Height above ground level

NOTE: The configuration process above in STEP TWO should only be necessary once.


Select Comm Setup

Select Bluetooth from Type drop down

Select Find Device

Select the Disto device

Check the Connect symbol at the top


From the Survey tab

Select Store Point

Select the Angle/Distance icon

Select Method


NOTE: Unfortunately, the Disto D8 does not have an internal compass, to achieve an angle use the 2 point method then use the Disto D8 Laser to measure the distance to the point

Read Point 1 near the focal point to be recorded.  

Move the Rover closer to the point to be recorded maintaining direction; select Read Point 2

Aim the Laser at the Target from the known point on the Rover pole.

From the controller select Read Dist.


The Controller connects to the Laser and computes the angle between Read Point 1 and Read Point 2, then updates the Distance from Read Point 2 to the Target point.

To modify Height of Laser, Height of Target or to switch off/on the computation of Vertical Height (2D or 3D) using the Laser

Select Settings

This populates the data section allowing the user to check the data before storing the point.

Select Store

The Point Store(d) will be located at the Laser Target Point

The Point is stored and the program returns to the Angle/Distance screen for the next Laser Target Point.

To return to the Store Point screen select the Orange arrow

NOTE: To check/audit the point use Stake Point to check the location and height of the Stored “Laser” Point.

This completes the HOWTO

We hope this HOWTO has assisted successful connectivity and use of the Leica Disto D8 with Carlson SurvCE.


Please provide feedback to share your success and or failure using this HOWTO.

….we Support and we Care.