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Carlson Hydrology 2017 is a comprehensive, yet easy-to-master civil engineering software solution providing automation you can use to meet your hydrology needs. Full 3D road and lot design feed directly into flow calculations and drainage design.

Carlson Hydrology 2017 is now available. You’ll find enhanced 3D options plus a top new command  in Hydrology’s Detention Pond Design that brings together all the functions to model pre- and post-development conditions and enables users to run multiple rain events at the same time.

Additional highlights of the 2017 Hydrology release include:
  • Rainfall – Added method to lookup using NOAA Atlas 14 method. Added SCS triangle and Delmarva storm types to storm sewer networks.
    Define Watershed Layers – Added function to color a TIN file by the ground cover areas.
    Watershed Area Grid – New command to create grid model of drainage area above each node.
    Watershed Above Points – Improved method for calculating watershed using a grid model.
    Run Off Tracking – Improved method for using a grid model for calculating flow lines.
    Time of Concentration – Added FHWA Kinematic Wave method. For the SCS-TR55 method, added K-table for shallow concentrated method and added method to pick flow 3D polyline and make multiple flow segments using specified delta slope tolerance.
    Peak Flow Regional Method – New command for peak flow by this KY DOT method.
    Edit Bench Pond – Added option to size for target storage at elevation. Added functions to add and remove perimeter vertices.
    Design Detention Pond – Added stage-discharge editing onto the main dialog.
    Hydrograph Routing – Added option for formatted reports to Hydrograph, Pipe, Channel and Reservoir routines.
    Pipe Routing – Added support for multiple barrels.
    Drop Pipe Spillway Design – Added method for using multiple riser inlets.
    Draw Stage/Storage Curve – Added option for spillway and cleanout.
    HEC-RAS – Added support for multiple skews on cross sections.
    HydroNET – Improved report contents and format, and added method to report multiple rain events at once.
    Plan View Labels – Added option to label pipe stationing. Added control to place symbol at inlet or structure location.
    Circular Inlet – Added support for circular inlets in Sewer Networks.
    Input Sewer Line – New command to create sewer network by placing structures on polyline vertices.
    Sanitary Sewer Network – Added option to enter known flows and label.
    Edit Sewer Network – Added undo function in the editors.
    Edit Sewer Profile View – Added functions to change pipe size and rim elevation.
    Move Plan View Label – Added option to use leaders.
    Sewer Network Quantities Report – New command to report pipe and structure quantities by depth.
    Import Network From Text File – New command to read a sewer network model from a CSV text file.
    Transform Coordinates – New command to transform the x,y coordinates in a sewer network model.
    Report Sewer Network – Added method to report multiple storm events at once.
    Utility Network – Added setting for utility type (ie. gas or water) with default colors per type. Added support for rectangle, hexagon, trapezoid and ellipse shape pipes. Added method to place solids along utility alignment for valves, connections and elbows. Added support for laterals with spreadsheet editor and methods to input by picking points or lines. Added material quantities report. Added pipe material parameter and user-defined parameters to the model. Added LandXML export for utility networks.

These are in addition to other recent improvements: redesigned and enhanced sewer spreadsheet editor for working in profile view and added support in sewer network for multiple pipes between structures and for separate inlet locations, speed and ease design work for sewer or drainage networks.

Look for the new command in Carlson Hydrology Detention Pond Design for 2015.

Carlson Hydrology 2017 is a comprehensive, yet easy-to-master civil engineering software solution that provide support for AutoCAD® 2017 and also work on AutoCAD versions 2007 and up. All Carlson 2017 office software comes with the improved IntelliCAD® 8.2 built-in, which offers a CAD platform for no extra expense.

Carlson Hydrology is tightly integrated with HydroCAD. This collaboration brings together the extraordinary ease of use that Carlson is known for, its 25+ years of experience mastering the civil/survey CAD environment, with the 25+ years of experience of HydroCAD in the unique, rapidly changing and highly regulated storm water modeling profession.

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