The Method

Why CHANGE the way we design Roads?

The method of producing Road Designs is an established process., but there comes a time when we must move forward and embrace “NEW and BETTER” technologies to achieve engineering success. Utilizing AutoCAD has allowed the design process to develop in to the digital world, however it is time to look to better technologies.

Adopting Carlson Software allows the engineer to not only design better roads easier and simpler, but with the added advantage of taking the design back to the field to layout the design using the same software suite.

As we embrace the 21st century, controlling software licenses, versions and upgrades is now an important step allowing engineers to produce standard designs an a professional level.

Adopting Carlson software makes the process from field data surveys though to auditing the completed road simpler, faster, more robust; with greater accuracy and with greater versatility.

Taking road design to a higher level for superior, smoother roads.

Design TEMPLATE to DPWH Blue Book Specifications

ELLIOTT ENTERPRISES working with Carlson Software we have developed a CONFIGURATION TEMPLATE to produce Road Designs as recommended by the DPWH (Department of Public Works and Highways) in the Philippines.

The ESOLUTION of HARDWARE, SOFTWARE and CONFIGURATION includes a comprehensive TRAINING PROGRAM,  surveyors and engineers prepared for implementation. We also link surveyors and engineers to local and worldwide software support service at no additional cost.

Support for Carlson software is free for the life of the software. 

There are HOWTO’s on this website explaining every process – keystroke by keystroke.

Answers to queries are a local phone call away!